First Post

Alright so bloggy blog blog.

I’ve obviously never done this before so I glanced at the advice section on wordpress and it said something about choosing a focus. Unfortunately I am not so good at focusing… and as a person am kind of all over the place. So I’ve decided to let the world know who I am and what I think! I’m assuming no one really cares so this works more as a cathartic relief than anything else.

Anyway I’m not really feeling like making this all about the minute details of my life so unfortunately no names and no places. Fortunately, I talk a crap-ton and like to share my feelings…. with everyone. Sorry.  Actually that might be an unfortunately but this isn’t about you, is it? Go write your own blog!

Feel free to come and go and read the things I write or not. I have some pictures up of some trips I’ve been on and I’d add more but Flickr is like “HELLLLLSSSS NOOOOO” cause apparently I’ve uploaded my fill for this month. I like photography so maybe there will be more artsy and less standard in the future. I haven’t really decided how to work this thing yet or what I’m actually going to write about. I like to do a lot of things, take a lot of trips, laze around on my couch in interesting ways. That’s just how I roll.


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