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Posted in Surviving the Week on June 1, 2011 by Jackal

This post will be pretty brief. Just some things that are awesome and I found interesting. Every week, on Wednesday I will post links and descriptions to youtube videos, funny pictures, interesting sites, etc that will help you survive till Friday.

For the immature, history buffs in the room we have Rap Battles of History by¬† nicepeter on youtube. I don’t know when this came out or if everyone has already seen it already but it is fucking hilarious! Some aren’t so funny but I recommend Lincoln vs. Norris, Bieber vs. Beethoven, Palin vs. Gaga and Einstein vs. Hawking. They’re clever and funny. Have fun!

Lets just guess who wins...

Also on youtube is Fails of the Weak by Achievement Hunter, which I believe in affiliated with Rooster Teeth. This is more for gamers, specifically Halo fans. It takes clips submitted by players in campaign or multiplayer that exhibit some sort of failure. This includes getting crushed by flying debris, falling off a cliff, attempting something simple and screwing it up. The commentary can occasionally be a little grating but its from the same guys who do Red vs. Blue so the voices sound familiar. They’re funny most of the time but there are moments… So check that out.

Its very serious business.

And something I always have to recommend is It insanely funny though you do have to do some sifting and has lists of random things, a photoplasty and caption contest, comics and Linkstorm, which has some amazing links. I’m a person who loves these weird lists of things and one of my favorite writers is John Cheese. He can be depressing but he cynically hilarious and real-life experience with some seriously tough things. So check him out!

This is from 7 Images Too Badass to be Real (That Totally Are)

That’s all I got today, folks. Good luck and have fun.