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Weekly Update- 8/29/11

Posted in Weekly Update with tags , , , on August 29, 2011 by Jackal

So we had a hurricane which they named Irene and they hyped it up so ridiculously that I assumed we were going to all get blown away. And since I am currently stuck at my parents house cause I needed to get some stuff, this is the worst hurricane ever. Well okay, it was kind of pussy. We did get our power off but it was because the willow tree down the street blew down. But apparently, according to my mother, willows grow very quickly so they are generally weaker and are blown down easier. So don’t grow a willow tree near your house.

That doesn't look so bad...

But it barely rained here, winds were like 30 mph and it was wicked stupid. Too bad our power went off and my mom is wicked dumb and opened the fridge to look for honey humus… Which she didn’t even find after staring into the open fridge for like a minute. And a minute doesn’t sound like that much but you aren’t supposed to open the fridge in a power outage because it lets all the cold out. If you don’t, then food can last for like 24 hours in there. But wonderful mother apparently wanted some goddamn humus…. Power went off at like 2 pm and stayed off for about 8 hours. We didn’t know when it was going to come back on, our power company said it might be a couple days. Since the fridge had been opened we decided to get rid of all the perishables. We did this by throwing them out or eating them. So we made BLTs, a raspberry pie with whipped cream(since we have a gas stove and oven), a salad and some more stuff.

Needless to say, I won't be eating again for a while.

Then, just as soon as my mother said that I wouldn’t be driving back tomorrow unless the lights came back on right now, they did. Well not really but it was about a minute later and I think that counts. Unfortunately, my mother does not agree and I have to waste away here until she decides to drive me back since I left my car at school. School also starts in like a week and I need some rest time after dealing with my crazy family…

Its a party.

So school starts soon and I have to take some hard classes. Organic Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy are the hard ones but I also have to take Social Psychology and the Evolution of Medicine. Its not exactly the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. BYE!


Weekly Update – 5/31/11

Posted in Weekly Update on May 31, 2011 by Jackal

Normally this would be on Sunday but I was in NYC for the whole weekend! And it was FLEET WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lots of sailors around, cheap drinks and the Blue Angels were practicing their tricks.

I have friends from far away (calling them Sunshine friends) who wanted to go to NYC with me so my other friend (Lets call him Alcoholic) decided to meet them their. It was a crazy long trip but we finally got their and met them at this apartment we were renting. Its this thing where you rent someones apartment for a short period of time and they just go somewhere else. The site is is you’re interested but it was really cheap and the apartment was furnished and pretty sweet.

Anyway, we spent the first night going to a Broadway play cause that’s what you do in NYC and that’s what my Sunshine friends wanted to do. I really really wanted to see the South Park guys’ musical, The Book of Mormon, but it was completely sold out and the Sunshines weren’t willing to show some cleavage.

So we went to see Jerusalem, which is this crazy play that involves an alcoholic ex-dare devil who gives all the local kids alcohol in the woods but he’s being evicted and a girl is missing. Its basically ridiculously long and the main actor, Mark Rylance, is phenomenal. Its good in its own right but I’m not sure I recommend it… I’m not really a Broadway kind of person and the only thing I can say is that I’m glad its not a musical.

It was pretty much exactly what it looks like...

Then we ate out a lot and drank… a lot. Alcoholic was especially intent on the last part. I had to drag him home both nights and he is kind of a heavy dude probably his developing beer belly. I mostly stick to hard alcohol myself though it hasn’t always been conducive to good decisions or remembering anything the next day. Its how you have to roll when you’re young… not that I think everyone has to or should drink. Its everyone’s choice and its nice to have the DD friend anyway who drags my sorry ass home.

That’s pretty much what I did this weekend… ah and I just got back from a baseball game. Not gonna say who but the team I was rooting for lost and I’m kind of pissed. Not the best umping I’ve ever seen and I’m a little sick of shitty pitchers being replaced by even worse ones. We were doing so well too…

So I’ll write something else tomorrow. I’m not sure if I want to just start on a Tuesday and write what I’ve planned for those or write Monday’s topic. Lets see which one comes out more interesting!