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Weekly Update- 8/22/11

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So I’m moving into my apartment for the school year. Its kind of taking a long time cause my three other roommates are all moving in at different times and have different bits of furniture.

What do you mean the stripper chair isn't necessary?

Its sort of an interesting process… I brought my bed, some chairs, 2 bookcases, a dresser and a side table. Along with a ton of random other stuff. And the worst part it that the roommate who is moving in last is the one with the TV so I have 2 weeks till school, an Xbox and no TV. I’m going to die of boredom. And my Video Game of the Week segment is going to be lacking. Though I could do a couple on computer games since I do like to play those. Starcraft maybe or Diablo… I liked Sims when I was a kid, maybe I’ll replay that.

My sims had very healthy sex lives.

More news, my roommate has decided that we are not allowed to get a hedgehog because they’re wild animals and its unethical so we’re getting a rescue hedgehog. And yes, they apparently do exist. I don’t know how one becomes a rescue hedgehog or what the previous owners did to it but it will join my pet turtle and hopefully they will not kill each other. And the turtle’s name is Sonic so we have to think of a different name for the hedgehog. So far Deathcry Battlestrike is winning in the poles.

I... I don't know what this is.

Moving on, I saw a musical called Urinetown and it was actually more mature than I thought it would be and a bit depressing. It basically makes fun of every music genre and has a “fourth wall breaking” narrator, which I enjoy. The narrator was also the main policemen and was very good. The premise of the musical is that after a severe drought, private bathrooms are outlawed and it cost money to use the toilet. *Spoiler* The poor people rebel, the leader dies and the daughter of the evil CEO (who was in love with the leader) takes over the company and makes it free. In a twist, despite the asshole nature of the previous CEO, he actually helped save water. So the water dries up and everyone dies. Cheery.

Its the kind of ending you expect from a musical that has a pregnant hooker give birth on stage.

And I think that’s it…